About me


Hi, if you do not know me, my name is James aka Jay (to some).

I am in my thirties and about to go through the true test of adulthood. On September 9th 2017 I proposed to my lovely girlfriend, something that I have been planning on doing for a while. Now all the talk is about weddings. As well as this, we are planning on buying our first home in the next year and finally as a bit of a chunky monkey, I would love to lose some weight and gain some fitness with my wedding day being the ideal target date to reach these goals.

This is blog is a personal project of my own sharing my thoughts and experiences on what could be an amazing, life changing 12 months for myself.

Maybe being a real life grown up has come later than others but hey ho, better late than never.

A bit more about me

I was born in Plymouth in the lovely south west of England but have slowly moved further north where I now reside in rainy Manchester.

My career has seen me work in a vast array of jobs including Heritage, tourism and now I work in Theatre.


I am not a writer, I will make mistakes and I will be rubbish with my grammar at points. You will find that I write how I speak but will always try and make some sense. Feel free to point out my mistakes.