5 Bad habits in work and how to change them – Weight Loss at Work


I have only began my journey but sometimes it is the small victories. Weight Loss and work have been a huge stumbling block in my quest for #Fit4Marriage. We feel we do not have much of a say in how we act in work but actually we have a huge influence in small decisions which will benefit us in the long term.

Below are my worst habits and how I have changed them to lose weight and be healthier.


Driving from door to door.


Ok, I don’t drive but if I did, I would most probably drive everywhere. That is not great for trying to lose weight. I live by the busiest bus route in Europe but I still take the 35-minute walk to work. This does not help keep me active but in a strange way, it helps separate my home and work life. I go home stress free!

If you must drive or get public transport, why not try getting off the bus a couple stops before your last one. This is the same principle when driving. Park further away. Get those steps in. I got myself a Fitbit, I get myself at least 7,000 steps walking to and from work.




Ok, put the knife down, don’t really give up all the tea but in the office, I could easily drink 6 cups of tea or coffee. This is with milk and sometimes sugar. I swapped out most of my tea for Green tea, herbal tea and water.

This also helped reduce the amounts I drink in a day. I used to be a person who did not like Green Tea, I still do not like proper Green Tea but give me some Twinning’s and Lemon and I am fine. Just drinking it, I feel my hydrated and refreshed.


Drink more water!


My biggest problem was, I did not drink enough water. This is a bigger problem because water is basically free and, we know we should drink more water. It is better for your skin and your health, I have also heard rumours that it also helps your metabolism which is awesome for losing weight.


Put the cake down!

Doughnuts really were my weak point. They are so cheap and soooo good. In one of my jobs we had doughnut Fridays. One doughnut was a mistake, just think how I felt after my fifth doughnut.

This is not just about cake, it is about all office snacks. Put them down, it is so hard but it is the right thing to do. Ok, I still eat office cake but I save it for birthdays.

In fact, make your own lunch, don’t be tempted by the shops. Food is too good and at lunch you will be hungry and make all the wrong food choices.


Stay Active!


I got myself a Fitbit Blaze and it has helped to keep me active. In fact, it does an annoying thing where it will tell me off if I have not taken 250 steps in an hour. The best thing is, it then will patronise me when I complete the 250 steps by giving me a motivating “Good Job”.

I always try and keep myself active, it is great in work so I am active every hour and then again on my lazy weekends, I will still try and get my 10,000 steps, even if it does mean a trip to the shop and then walking up and down my stairs a lot.

The Fitbit has changed how I live my life, I always try and keep an eye on my activity and recently, me and a couple of my friends have started Fitbit challenges so we try and get the most steps in. Nothing better than bragging rights.

The Fitbit Blaze I have.

To conclude

I am nowhere near the end of my journey, I am literally still near the beginning but changing these bad habits in work is a major accomplishment already. I feel more refreshed, hydrated and active. I even sleep better than I use to (You can track this on your Fitbit as well).

If you are in the same position as I am then why not try changing your habits. If you cannot do all of them, start off with a couple. Let me know how you do.

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