Everything changes – The first 10 days of engagement…

Dear Diary,


I have been engaged for ten days now, everything does seem the same but also, everything seems completely different. The proposal was smooth enough, proposing using a scrap book while lying in bed on a Saturday morning is very much our style.


Lucy went straight on to her phone and that was her occupied for the next hour, all my friends knew I was going to ask so I just sent a cheeky WhatsApp. (She said yes [insert appropriate emoji here]


She did not cry, no tears, more shock and relief if I am being honest. I think she thought I was never going to do it. From what I hear, some of her family may have thought the same thing.


There was one problem…. Lucy’s ring did not fit, it was too large.


In other news, I ordered a McDonalds breakfast using UberEats and we shared a bottle of Prosecco. (I think I had a bit more of a share than Lucy) A glass of bubbles and a Sausage and Egg McMuffin is the way forward.


The Dream?

The day I proposed was actually Lucy and my four year anniversary, I decided to play it cool first and get her some tickets to see Carrie Hope Fletcher in the Addams Family: The Musical at the Lowry Theatre in Salford. I managed to take the glory of this anniversary present before proposing, double glory for me.


I believe she loved me more that day because I ordered extra hash browns with the McDonalds.


The day of the proposal which was a Saturday was magical, Sunday it felt like I had a new job. We were right to work. We had made a provisional guest list by 9:00 am and it looked like we wanted to invite every person we ever met and their mate.


A bit later, we were googling wedding venues in Staffordshire. That is where Lucy wants to get married and who was I to argue (I am just acting manly, I am happy with that choice). The problem was, by the end of Sunday, we had Googled so many venues, it hit us that we were not able to actually view these venues for another three weeks, we had my friends visiting one weekend, my birthday the following weekend and then we could go to Staffordshire and start viewing these venues properly.


It took a couple more days until we had exhausted all our venue options and we were now in a wedding venue purgatory. We found venues we liked. We just did not have the time to view them. All our quirky wedding ideas seemed to feel like a waste without a venue and date.


As my work colleagues already knew I was proposing (Literally I told everyone before I did it) I did not even get the excited joy Lucy received when telling people, I was engaged. Lucy, on the other hand, basked in the glory of the engagement world. She even had gifts of flowers and a bottle of prosecco, we may not drink this one with a McDonalds this time.


Other weird changes, Lucy sometimes uses the word fiancé which to me, sounds weird, maybe because its French but also it is a word you hear a lot but when it is used in a context relating to yourself, it just sounds frickin’ strange. By the time I get used to it, I will be married and it will be a new word, everything is weird right now.


The following weekend, I had two lovely guests from Devon, one being Tony, my future best man and the other Tom who will be one of my Ushers, they do know, this is not a lame way of telling them, actually, asking Tony to be my best man had an amusing, you must be there, story which I will share anyway.




Going back to the proposal day, we popped into Manchester City Centre before heading to the Lowry Theatre and I went to Moss Bros and picked Tony up some best man cufflinks. In my head, for his visit, I had an amusing titbit of proposing to Tony (Will you be my best man) in Turtle Bay using the cufflinks, over a rum. Before we even got to that, we were getting ready at my house and Tony wanted to wear a shirt but forgot cufflinks. So, he asked me if I had a set he could borrow, luckily, I had a set he could keep. It worked out amazingly and I managed to bag myself a best man.


We all partied, drank beer, drank rum, gambled a bit, ate lots of food and recruited a best man. Day 8, Tony flew back to Plymouth and before we knew it, it was Monday. The final two days of the ten days of engagement, things got back to normal. Cards stopped coming, people were not congratulating us, normality at its best.


One new thing that happens is that Lucy keeps doing the same joke when I do something silly, that she pretends to take it off and say it’s over (That is not going to get old).


All I know is that it has been a great 10 days, I am not sure how people stay engaged for 10 years, if you are going to get engaged, then get married. I am hoping we do sooner rather than later. If you do propose, do the cool thing and follow it up with a McDonalds breakfast, that is what all the cool kids do.


One thing that did happen was, on the Sunday, I knew I wanted to make some positive changes. The first was to blog the next twelve months, the other was to get into better shape…. the third was to also blog about that.


I will post at the end of the week about the first week of Couch to 5k and more of these health alterations I am currently attempting.


I want to thank the people who have said kind words and support what I am doing with this blog, I know there will be some people out there who won’t get it and think it is silly and that is fine to. I love you all regardless.


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