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How to get free theatre tickets?

Want free theatre tickets? Then read on.

There are two types of people in the world. One set who insist you don’t get something for nothing, then you get the people who think the best things in life are free. As Brits, we love free stuff. We are extremely cautious. When I am in Marks and Spencer’s and there are cheese testers on the deli counter, we feel we need to either, act like a ninja and sneak a piece of free cheese or confidently go up to the cheese, take a piece, eat it and then nod at the deli staff that you approve of the taste. Then you have to pretend think for a second before saying “I might come back in a bit”. You never go back.

Unfortunately, as a cautious Brit, we are afraid that something is never quite free. We avoid flyers when shopping, outside of WH Smiths there are now stalls with someone asking if we want a bag of perfumes, but we know it is not free.

Well, I have discovered something amazing that is free and the only thing it asks in return is sometimes, some feedback. Even better, this is done by email so I do not actually have to talk to a human being.

Last year I got introduced to a website called A website you sign up to and I was told you could get some free cinema tickets.

Now before I continue, I need to say, we are not endorsed by this website, we get no money or anything, this is a website I use and it is AMAZING. That is all.

The first few months, I was getting update newsletters and every now and again, the chance to see a film I have never heard of (Today I have had an email offering tickets to a film called Max 2: White House Hero) but one day I got an email for a musical called Love me Tender. So I signed up, got confirmation, queued up, swap my confirmation for tickets and then, I got to see a musical for free. Not long after that the same thing happened and I got tickets to see Guys and Dolls. Now I am not only about any amateur dramatics here, these are touring productions.

As it grows, so do the shows you get to see. Two weeks ago I watched the new King Arthur film three weeks before it came out and tonight I will be watching the Crucible. All for free.

Well….not for free, a couple months ago, they have added a £2 booking fee per tickets for theatre productions. So I actually pay a tiny fee but if it helps them keeping doing what they do, that is a good thing right?

Are the seats any good?

The seats you get depend on when you get there. How it works is, you get an email about a production. You sign up, pay if there is a fee and print off your confirmation. You then go to the box office at a certain time with your confirmation. Usually between 5:00 pm and 6:30 pm and queue. Then you get your tickets. Where you are in the queue and the availability depends on what seats you get. I have been in the stall twice and always get good seats.

So if you want free cinema and theatre tickets, then sign up. I am sure it depends on your location on what you get available to you but if you live in a smaller area, then sign up with an address for your nearest biggish city.

So it is Let us know how you get on.

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