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Deception on the job hunt-A Just Jay Story

I recently wrote a blog post about my new job hunt, something I feel I need to do. Since I have started looking for a new job I have had a series of up and downs. I am still early in but let’s have a catch up.


So I have recently decided it is time from me to move on from my job. I am good at it but the problem is, it is dull, I have zero passion for it and it is currently the only downer in my life.

We all want the perfect job but unfortunately there aren’t enough perfect jobs for everyone. I have always enjoyed my previous roles. Most have an element of office based work and then there is some hands on stuff, I am not afraid of hard work, if anything, I relish it.

So let me tell you about the first two weeks of this new job hunt, well to be honest, I have not been pro-active enough, and I have taken the same steps everyone does. I have re-written my CV and I have uploaded it on some job sites. Then I have been lazy and I should not do this, I just applied for a bunch of random jobs with the same CV and a one paragraph cover letter, on one of the agencies apps I can search and apply for a job with one swipe and two taps…..LAZY!!!


So I had some responses, a hotel Deputy General Manager, a Transport Manager and zillion customer service jobs but the ones that stood out the most are the “Marketing” positions. These stand out because of the fab names such as Marketing Co-ordinator. That is right, I got invited to an interview to be a Market Co-Ordinator. The company is called Havoc and the job was salaried with this ad,


Marketing Co-Ordinator – Full Training Available

We are seeking exceptional candidates open to learning and growing within our marketing sector. We are offering full time marketing position, and limited part time openings for 2017.

This is the perfect marketing opportunity if you have just finished University, and looking to put the theory you have learnt into practice. Or do you come from a completely different sector, and looking to learn and start afresh in the world of marketing? We got you! No experience is necessary for this position as candidates will be fully supported and guided along the way. We will provide the full product and marketing training.

Marketing Co-Ordinator Role:

You will be supported one-on-one with one of our marketing specialists. Once you’re up and running, you will:

  • Be involved in the marketing and promotions of our products.
  • Implement marketing strategies directly through different channels including events and residential visitations.
  • Be responsible for managing and increasing customer acquisitions
  • Finalising sales and customers applications.

Not too shabby, a new company wanting some fresh minds. So I got a reply, well actually, I got an email……and a text. Already I thought this was odd, being texted by a company? Is this a normal thing now? The email was vague and invited me to an interview for the following day. For the moment I ignored it until a couple days later I had a miss call and another text so I replied to the original email just asking for a bit more information about the role.


After a day I got a reply saying;

“With HAVOC you’ve applied for the Marketing Co-Ordinator role, the management team is looking forward to meeting you and give you more details about the role and our company and to find out more details about yourself as well, we currently still have a few appointments left for tomorrow, would you be able to pop by?”

Why would a company not just send a job description or just give a bit more information? So I decided to do some simple Google research. I came across a site www.glassdoor.co.uk. Now I have seen Glass Door before but it only had information on companies I was looking at in the USA so I am glad the UK have embraced it because it could save some people from potentially making a mistake.

So reading the reviews of people who went for these interviews at HAVOC painted a clear picture. I read 8 reviews all saying similar things.


First you attend a meeting where you sit down with the MD who gives you some speech about the company, enough for you to come back for a second interview. Some people claim the interview is still vague with promises of a salary and an office based job, anything to get you to the second interview. This second interview consists of you waiting around for an hour before the company put you on a bus or in a car to the edges of Manchester where their employees will knock on doors trying to sell something and as some reviewers pointed out, prey on the elderly. So now you are out from about 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm watching glorified door to door salesmen and women get doors closed in their face. Then at 8:00 pm you go back to the office and have an interview.

It is also worth noting, this day is unpaid.

Now before I continue, I personally do not want to be someone who knocks on doors and tries to sell things unsolicited. I do not have anything personally against people who do this job, it is annoying but I once tried to sell windows over the phone for two weeks. It was a job I needed to do to pay bills, I was not very good.

My main concern is if people want to be door to door sales people, can’t they make up their own minds before attending the interview? Now in the job description, it did say residential visits. That is all I hear of it and so did the other people.

What this job does is prey on vulnerable people who need jobs. It is like every day you are slightly further down the rabbit hole. The next thing I read though is that the job is not salaried, it is completely commissioned based and it is not office based, I am guessing some data entry at the end of the day. Why lie? It makes me so angry. Then I read not only is it commissioned based, you will have to be self-employed and do your own taxes, now that is fine but we have gone a long way from the salary that has been said.

Anyway, if you look on Glass door and look up HAVOC in Manchester, there are some good reviews and people will like this work, then look at the interview section, then it becomes a bit clearer.

Obviously I do not want to work for a company that can’t just be straight up with me. I think the main point out there is try and do a bit of research on any jobs you go for. Use Glass door and even better, if you are employed, write a review. Be honest and be clear….you may just save my career down the line.

I would like to say I have never stepped foot in HAVOC’s office and I am sure everyone there is lovely, I am just saying, there is no smoke without fire, I found it suspicious and others went even further and found it deceptive.


Thanks for reading Team. Until next time.


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